The canto lessons are destined to all those who want to acquire a healthy and correct vocal technique and learn how to sing.
The registrations at the canto classes can be made beginning with the age of 8, without a superior age limit.


Monday-Sunday, between 09:00 – 21:00, throughout the year, including summer.  The periods in which the classes are not held are posted in due time on the Boem Club site, at the notice board.


Alba-Iulia Centre
Location: Bucharest, Chiparosului no. 36 Street, District 3 (Alba-Iulia Square – Decebal Boulevard area)

Răzoare Centre
Location: Bucharest, Drumul Sarii no. 39 Street, District 5 (Răzoare area)

Dorobanti Centre
Location: Bucharest, Bitolia Entrance no. 65, District 1 (Dorobanti Square)

Mobile Phone: 0760 MUZICA / 0760 689 422
*Appointments and signing ups are made through the phone.


The canto lesson lasts 50 minutes and the students have as a bonus the possibility of participating weekly at the theory and history of music classes so that the canto class can focus more on the practice part.


The classes are held by canto teachers who have graduated from the Conservator, canto specialization, with teaching experience according to the musical-educational and pedagogical criteria.


Boem Club offers instrument and voice lessons to all those who are keen on music, regardless of the age or the level of musical knowledge.


The students are offered instruments, books and magazines of which they can make use not only for the lessons, but for individual study as well. The accompanying persons can stay in a friendly environment in the waiting room which is equipped with a TV, wireless internet, books and magazines.


The music lessons are scheduled according to the students’ preferences, between 09:00 and 21:00, every day of the week, throughout the year, including school holidays.
There are various options for music lessons, an amateur can opt for piano, guitar, violin, cello lessons, canto and musical education for preschool children. A lesson lasts 50 minutes.
For the members of the same family, the classes can be held either in the same time or one after another if they opt for more instruments. In this way time is saved.

Since the classes are individual, there isn’t a predefined period of time for signing up at the music courses.Each student can establish with his/her teacher the way in which the lessons will be held, according to his/her preferences and the rhythm of assimilating information. Furthermore, the students are offered educational materials and printed courses so that besides the time spent at the music lessons, they can study individually.
Besides the music lessons, all Boem Club students have the possibility to participate weekly at the history and theory of music workshops. These classes are meant to complete the learning process with theoretical information and history of music elements, necessary to everyone who is a music lover. They are offered as a bonus for each lesson pack you choose.

The students have the possibility to participate at cultural manifestations organized by Boem Club and prove their musical abilities in concerts, shows, preselections or auditions.
All Boem Club teachers have graduated from higher educational studies. They are best described by their experience as teachers and singers and their enthusiasm and passion for music.
The  members of Boem Club form a team which is creative, dedicated to the club’s activity, always ready to answer any request.